Honeywell HPF35M1120 H11 Grade HEPA HAC35 (White) Molecular Sieve HiSiv Filter


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  • Air Touch High grade HEPA Filter by Honeywell
  • DIY (Do It Yourself) Filter No 2, no need of service engineer visits
  • Not washable, replace when alert ‘No 2’ blinks on touch panel
  • Benchmark H11 Grade HEPA filter, improved life of up to 3000 hours and high efficiency
  • Removes PM2.5 and microscopic allergens
  • Purifies up to 0.3 um particulate matter
  • According to GB/T 18801, purification efficiency of formaldehyde – 99 percent at 30 m3 chamber
  • Honeycomb design
  • Long lasting formaldehyde removing filter
  • Molecular sieve with activating agents
  • High efficiency absorption for removing VOC and odour
  • Patented HON technology
  • Applicable model (HAC 35M series Air Purifiers)
  • Replacement filter for Honeywell Air Touch Air Purifier (Gold/Classic White)

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